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Brian Evans

My early working life was spent in the Merchant Navy travelling to Russia, South America, Canada, New Zealand and India.

I worked as a builder when I left the Navy, steeplejacking, slating and tiling, and ran my own business for a number of years. Many of the skills I acquired as a builder have been transferable to my art work. The knowledge and experience I have of materials has been invaluable and I have of course thoroughly enjoyed building and firing kilns.

Mary North

I studied sciences at school and my first degree was in science. I began my working life as a residential social worker in a home for the elderly and spent the next twelve years working for Social Services. When I moved to Yorkshire from London I felt that I wanted a career change. I studied a degree in Art and Design at Bradford College, specialising in ceramics and then went on to study a postgraduate diploma in Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire.


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