Raku Courses Shibden Hall Halifax 2012

Raku firing is a Japanese technique involving the removal of bowls from the kiln while the glaze is still molten, placing the bowl in sawdust which ignites, thereby reducing the copper oxide in the glaze to copper.

We offer two types of Raku course:-

A One Day Course: where you glaze and fire bowls and vases that we have brought for you, using techniques of masking and wax resist.


19    May 2012 Fee £55  incl. all materials

14   July 2012 Fee £55  incl. all materials

30   June 2012 Fee £55  incl. all materials

Or Alternatively

A One & Half Day Course: where you make 2 pieces of work by press moulding and/or coiling clay, which you glaze and fire a week later.


7 + 14  April 2012 Fee £70  incl. all materials

18 + 25 August 2012 Fee £70 incl. all materials

We are deliberately keeping numbers small, (6 - 8  people).

Both courses would suit absolute beginners and more experienced pottery students.

To book please contact Shibden Hall Estate Manager, Deborah Comy- Platt on 01422 352246